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Shiva or Nibbana equations are revealed by Buddha.  

The True MahaShivaratri (the great auspicious day) :

You shouldn't chase after the past
or place expectations on the future.
What is past
    is left behind.
The future
    is as yet unreached.
Whatever quality is present
you clearly see    right there,
        right there.
Not taken in,
that's how you develop the heart.

Ardently doing
what should be done     today,
for -- who knows? --     tomorrow
There is no bargaining
with Mortality & his mighty horde.

Whoever lives thus ardently,
    both day & night,
has truly had an auspicious day:
so says the Peaceful Sage.

Lord Buddha from Majjhima Nikaya 131( Bhaddekaratta Sutta - An Auspicious Day)  



Click to Read Bhaisajya Guru Sutra

In Buddhism Shivam is the state of Nibbana itself! Eternal Peace, purity and silence. The only way to get there is the Noble Eightfold Path.  Buddha is himself Shivam - the Auspicious One, for he has attained to Nibbana.  In Buddhism, Shiva is also known as the Bodhisatva Avalokiteshvara who is also known as Nila Kantha, or the blue throated lord (see youtube for Nila Kantha Verses)
In the Vedic Rudram verses Rudra Shiva is also known as Bhaisaj or the medicine!  Lord Buddha as Bhaisajya Guru is none other than Shiva himself!

Samyutta Nikaya IV gives the synonyms of Nibbana:

asankhata/the unconditioned,
antam/the end,
anasavam/without cankers,
saccam/the truth,
param/the ultimate,
nipunam/the subtle,
sududdasam/the very hard to see,
ajaram/the no-decay,
dhuvam/the stable,
apalokitam/the taken leave of,
anidassanam/the non-indicative,
nippapam/the without impediment,
santam/the peace,
amatam/the deathless,
panitam/the excellent,
sivam/the auspicious
khemam/the security,
tanhakkhaya/the destruction of tanha,
acchariyam/the wonderful,
abbhutam/the astonishing,
anitikam/the freedom from harm,
anitikadhammam/the state of freedom from harm,
avyapajjho/the harmless,
mutti/the release,
analayo/the done away with,
dipam/the island,
lena/the cave,
tanam/the shelter,
saranam/the refuge,
and parayanam/the ultimate goal.

In Buddhism Sivam describes the Sublime state of Supreme Bodhi or Knowledge and Peace of Nibbana
In the Samyukta Nikaya 7:18

▀In an exceptionally fearful forest plunged into a place without humans

‘‘Gambhīrarūpe bahubherave vane,

Su˝˝aṃ ara˝˝aṃ vijanaṃ vigāhiya;

Without fearing the wild animals, the bhikkhu concentrates. It's charming.

Ani˝jamānena ṭhitena vaggunā,

Sucārurūpaṃ vata bhikkhu jhāyasi.

Here, there's no song or music. The sage is a lone dweller in the forest.

‘‘Na yattha gītaṃ napi yattha vāditaṃ,

Eko ara˝˝e vanavassito muni;

I say it is marvelous. You look so happy, alone in the forest.

Accherarūpaṃ paṭibhāti maṃ idaṃ,

Yadekako pītimano vane vase.

I’m guessing you’re longing for the three highest 

Heavens, there to befriend the Lord of the World.

‘‘Ma˝˝āmahaṃ lokādhipatisahabyataṃ,

Ākaṅkhamāno tidivaṃ anuttaraṃ;

Why do you choose the forest without people?
Are you practicing austerities to attain the highest Brahma?

Kasmā bhavaṃ vijanamara˝˝amassito,

Tapo idha kubbasi brahmapattiyā’’ti.

Buddha replies:

6. ▀All doubts, all enjoyments or to be established in various elements forever
Spring from desires not knowing the root cause
I have destroyed them completely
I am without doubts free from greed and undertakings
I have a pure vision of all Dhammas

‘‘Svāhaṃ akaṅkho asito anūpayo,

Sabbesu dhammesu visuddhadassano;

Having gained the sublime, highest awakening.

Pappuyya sambodhimanuttaraṃ sivaṃ,

I meditate, priest, in ripened seclusion.

Jhāyāmahaṃ brahman raho visārado’’ti.
Brahmin, I concentrate secretly, with confidence.ű

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