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As a Buddhist Hindu (born a Hindu), I realized that neither the so called Hindus or Buddhists are telling the truth about Buddhism or Hinduism.  

The self proclaimed Buddhists fight tooth and nail against the concept of self or atma and the very fact that Buddha is the Supreme most Brahman or God.  Not the mistaken notions about God that the ignorant have (for example the Abrahamic God), but that is the discovery that every Buddhist must make through faith and practice.  This despite the fact that every sutta/sutra begins with "Bhagavan" which literally means "God" in Indian religions.  Buddha is called "Purushuttam, Mahapurusha, Brahma" all these terms are used for God in Indian religions -- a Buddhist practices Brahmachariya -- and thus acts like Brahma.  Far from denying God, Buddha is quite clear that one must have faith in Buddha as Bhagavan to even cross the stream of samsara.  Of course, Buddha as God is more akin to the Vedic ideas of God -- with Buddha being our inner most self -- our true self, our Atma.  Only when we realize what is anatma, do we realize our Buddha Dhatu - our mind yoked to Buddha and ultimate freedom. 

Buddha, in fact, is EVERY GOD.  To worship Buddha alone, one worships to every God.  Buddha is the union of divine intelligence (Buddhi) and thus creates the true monotheism -- if you are God, than you must have Buddhi...OF COURSE! -- It is this realization which leads to one pointed concentration --  all the names of God in One name, Name of Perfection -- Buddha!

A Buddhist declares there is no other refuge besides the Buddha, this is the TRUTH, with this truth there is victory!

The Hindus keep claiming Buddha taught "nothing new" and just teaches the Upanishads.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  

I do agree, that without understanding the Vedas and Upanishads one cannot appreciate or understand what Buddha clearly innovated, but HE TAUGHT MANY NEW THINGS.

Only a Buddhist cleanses the mind, body and speech through effort and action and not only through mantras as brahmins do.  For a Buddhist Sila is one of the most important things which gives one right concentration.

For a Buddhist the sacrifice is not in any external fire.  It is through the light of the inner fire THAT ONLY LORD BUDDHA LIGHTS.  This is what the Vedic religion enjoins -- the lighting of the inner fire of knowledge -- but HOW???

The answer is simple the Savitri or Gayatri Mantra of Buddhism:

Buddham Saranam Gacchami
Dhammam Saranam Gacchami
Sangham Sarnanam Gacchami

Taking this refuge in pure faith lights the inner light of knowledge which destroys ignorance forever!

So my dear Hindus, who claim they haven't forgotten their roots -- have all but forgotten them, for Lord Buddha is our root - He alone is the root of all:

Bhagavaṃ mūlakā no, bhante, dhammā, bhagavaṃnettikā  


For us, Lord, all things have the Blessed One as their root, their guide, their refuge.




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