10 Perfections - 10 Jatakas

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10 Perfections - 10 Jatakas
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10 Jatakas - 10 Perfections - click on the links for a wonderful treat -- These Jatakas are made into cartoons by the Thai and you can watch them-- if you don't understand (unfortunately they don't have subtitles -- THE JATAKA in english is given below, so you can read the whole story!)

1) The Paramita of Determination, Adhitthana Paramita Muga Pakha Jataka,aka. The Temiya Jataka

2) Energy or Viriya Paramita: MahaJanaka Jataka

3) Metta Paramita - or Loving Kindness Perfection: Sama Jataka

4) The Paramita of Renunciation, Nekkhamma Paramita - Nimi Jataka

5) The Paramita of Patience, Khanti Paramita -The Khandahala Jataka

6) The Paramita of Moral Conduct, Sila Paramita Bhuridatta Jataka

7) The Paramita of Equanimity, Uppekkha Paramita Mahanarada Kashyap Jataka

8) The Paramita of Truthfulness, The Sacca Paramita -VidhuraPandita Jataka

9)The Paramita of Wisdom, The Panna Paramita- Maha Ummaga Jataka

10)The Paramita of Perfect Generosity, Dana Paramita Vessantara Jataka

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