Buddhism and Christianity

Buddha's Proof of Having Become God
Lord Buddha Is God
The Triple Gem
Heart Sutra - Bloodless Circumcision
The Bodhi Tree - The Tree of Wisdom
Nibbana is Shivam
Lord Buddha Puja
Buddha Pictures
India's Glorious Kings
Golden Light Sutra
10 Perfections - 10 Jatakas
Avalokiteshwar and Hanuman
Goddess Tara
Lord Buddha is Narasimha - The Lion Amongst Men!
Lord Buddha Is Called Gopala and MahaGovinda- The Wise Cowherder
Buddha as Vishnu
Lord Buddha Is Lord Rama - Dasaratha Jataka
Kanha - Ghata Jataka
Bhagwad Gita - A Buddhist Sutra?
Buddhism and Hinduism
Buddhism and Christianity
Buddhist Hindu Calendar
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Scholars are astounded at the similarities between the teachings of Buddha and Jesus -- Jesus even says :
John 7:16 Jesus responded to them, "What I teach doesn't come from me but from the one who sent me. 

Buddhism was the world's first missionary religion and Alexandria, Egypt was one of the main centers of Buddhist missions sent by King Ashoka 150 years before Jesus was born.   Buddhism was the largest world religion of that time and was bound to influence all world teachers.


BUDDHISM AND CHRISTIANITY: Jesus is the Word of Buddha

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