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Avalokiteshwar and Hanuman
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Watch Avalokiteshwara's pure hearted vows!

Hanuman was actually a great human yogi who could transform himself into various forms -- including the famous form of the monkey!

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Ekadashmukha Avalokiteshwara and Ekadasmukha Hanuman

Transforms hell into heaven (Karandavyuha Sutra):

The Bhagavan then told Eliminate-Obstructions Bodhisattva: "Virtuous man, all of you should listen attentively, and I am going to analyze and expound for you. This great brilliant light is caused by Arya(sage) Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva-Mahasattva, because he had just entered into Great Avichi hell to rescue all the sentient beings who were suffering from extreme afflictions and ferry them to the shore of liberation. Having saved those sentient beings, he then entered into a big city to rescue and ferry all the hungry ghosts who were suffering there"

The Bhagavan then told Eliminate-Obstructions Bodhisattva Mahasattva: "Virtuous man, for example, a wheel turning sage king can enter into the heavenly Mani treasures garden, likewise, virtuous man, when Arya Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva was entering into the Great Avichi hell, nothing can obstruct his body. At that time, all the torturing instruments in Avichi hell cannot hurt the Bodhisattva's body, the violent fire were all quenched and became refreshingly cool pools. At that time, the Yama jailers of the hell became more astonished than ever before and thought: 'Why did this place suddenly transform into such a unusual scene?' At that moment, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva had broken into the hell, destroyed the caldron, and quenched the violent fire. The huge fire pits became precious pools, with some lotuses as large as cartwheels in them."
"Having seen these events, the Yama jailors gathered all the punishment instruments include staves, bows, swords, hammers, sticks, arrows, iron wheels, three blades forks, etc., and went to where the Yama king was. Having reached there, they said: 'Oh Great king, you must know that why our territory of karma retributions suddenly vanished completely!' Yama king then said: 'What? How come your territory of karma retributions completely vanished?' The jailors said to Yama king: 'That Great Avichi hell suddenly became refreshingly cool, and when that was happening, a beautiful and sublime person, with heavenly wonderful treasures wearing on his hair bun, and precious crowns adorning his body, had entered into the hell, destroyed the caldron and made the fire pits become pools, in which the lotuses are as large as cartwheels' Yama king then began to think carefully: 'Which heavenly being is so powerful? Is he Mahesvara, Narayana, or whoever? The transformation that he made to the hell is so unimaginable, was it done by the majestic power of a vigorous ten headed Raksa?'