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Friday, 2 January 2009
Buddha is God
Mood:  incredulous

Buddha is God.  Now this may come as a surprise to many pseudo-intellectual Buddhists and Hindus, who insist that Buddha is not God and even go so far as to say that Buddha NEVER said he was God!  Some so called Buddhists even go on to say Buddha is a human being and he died!

 Hmmm, perhaps these people never read the Pali original texts -- Buddha is always referred to as "Bhagavan"!  Bhagavan is literally the word used for God in most northern Indian languages. 

 All Buddhist suttas begin with, "evam maya suttam, ekasmin samaya, BHAGAVA viharati....", "Thus have I heard, at one time, God was staying at..." is the exact meaning!

 Not only that, but any Buddhist who practices the Buddha anusati, or the Recollection of the Buddha -- knows that here to Buddha is Bhagavan or God!

Thus is God (iti pi so Bhagava)

1) Araham - worthy of worship.

2) Sammasambuddho - all knowing.

3) Vijja carana Sampanno - at whose feet knowledge is complete.

4) Sugato - well gone to nibbana.

5) Lok Vidu - knower of the world.

6) Anuttaro - the Highest!

7) Purisa dama Sarathi - charioteer of heroes!

8) Satta deva manusanam - counselar of gods and men.

9) Buddho - the one who knows.

10) Bhagava - God most high!

 Now can someone please tell me why there is such great controversy in the obvious? 




Posted by threeroyalwarriors at 1:28 PM EST

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